Cycle 2 Week 18- Morisot and Playful Paint

This project is almost as fun as finger-painting!  Kids get to add items to the paint, creating unique and interesting textures.  Though our artist for the week, Berthe Morisot, didn’t paint with such unusual items, we will still incorporate her work into the project and connect her to the lesson.

In the lesson plan I have included simple drawings of some of her paintings.  The students will use the textured paint to fill in the pictures.  Because the paint is so thick, it is best to do this project in the beginning of the day so it has lots of time to dry.



Tempera paint

Paint brushes

Textural items (examples: sand, salt, glitter, sawdust, seeds, flour, dried leaves/pine needles, crushed eggshells, rice)  Be creative!

Paper bowls


Paper plates or palettes

Heavyweight drawing paper or cardstock (and print images on them)

Clean-up: cups, water, paper towels, tablecloths


Whew, that’s a lot of stuff!

Click here for the Cycle 2 Week 18- Morisot and Playful Paint lesson plan.  The last three pages of the lesson plan contain the line drawings of Morisot’s paintings.  Print out one picture for each student in your class, or more if you want your students to have options.



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