Cycle 1 Week 6- Chinese Kites

To complete the first six weeks of Cycle 1 we’ll be drawing Chinese kites.  The lesson plan touches on mirror-image drawing, one-point perspective, and abstract design.  That’s a lot, but I hope the kids feel confident in their knowledge and enjoy drawing their final piece.

Many historians believe that China is the birthplace of the kite, and the first recorded use of a kite was in China in 196 BC.  Kites have had many purposes: they were used to carry messages, to celebrate special occasions, and even as a tool in war!  Marco Polo is credited with bringing the first news of kites back to Europe after his travels through Asia in the thirteenth century.  There is such an interesting and unique history to explore!


Print-outs of kites



Colored pencils


Here is the Cycle 1 Week 6- Chinese Kites lesson plan for all ages.

The images to print out can be found below, sorted by age group.  Each includes reflected images for left-handed students:

Chinese Kites Ages 4-6

Chinese Kites Ages 7-9

Chinese Kites Ages 10-11


Cycle 1 Great Artist lesson plans will begin in November 🙂


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