Let’s get started…soon 🙂

August is almost here!  For me, that means gearing up for the CC year, thinking of creative ways to teach new grammar, and lesson planning for the drawing portion of Classical Conversations.  I love thinking about teaching art effectively.  Art can be overwhelming- “How do I teach others to draw when I don’t know how to draw?!”  But I think art and drawing can be learned just as we learn math or reading.  There are skills and basic knowledge attached, and everyone is capable of learning them.

As I plan lessons for the first six weeks of drawing, I will be connecting some piece of new grammar to each drawing project.  All knowledge is related, and that’s one reason I love Classical Conversations!  It allows us to show students how art relates to science, history, math, etc.  What a beautiful thing.

I am excited about this new venture of blogging, and will post lesson plans soon.  Stay tuned!






3 responses to “Let’s get started…soon :)”

  1. Libby Avatar

    Thank you for listening to your calling. My children are truly going to be blessed by you!

  2. Dana Avatar

    Will you be posting lessons for all 6 weeks? Love the 3 levels!

    1. anna Avatar

      Thank you! Yes, I will be posting for weeks 1-6, as well as Great Artists (weeks 13-18). In addition, I will eventually post things that parents can have their children do at home to re-inforce the art concepts.

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