Mealtime Monet- Abstract Autumn Leaves

(What is this all about?  Check out What is Mealtime Monets?)

Autumn is here, and I am already mulching and raking leaves like crazy.  Though this project won’t solve the entire problem, it will get your kids to pick up three our four leaves from your yard.

“Abstract Fall Leaves” combines the idea of abstract art from week 4 with the warm/cool color scheme.  For this project, kids will design a balanced composition and begin to understand the color wheel.  Let’s take a look:

Materials needed:

3-4 large leaves


8.5 x 11 white paper


colored pencils or crayons

optional: round objects, like a bowl and cup

First, send your kids out to gather 3 to 4 awesome Autumn leaves.  They should be “soft” still, not so dry and brittle that they crack when handled.  Varying sizes are good as this adds variety to the composition.

Next, they trace the leaves onto their paper.  Once that is done, use the ruler (or round objects) to draw an abstract design on top of the leaves.

Lastly, fill in the leaves with warm colors (reds, oranges, yellows) and the background with cool colors (blues, greens, purples).

Note: Coloring this project can be time consuming.  If needed, take a break and have your child complete it when they are able to concentrate again.

You can also have your kids watch the video below, which will walk them through it.  Just have them pause the video at the points given, complete the step, then continue the video and the project.  Ta da!






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  1. Dana Sinchok Avatar
    Dana Sinchok

    I so appreciate your posts for Classical Conversations! The videos have been so very helpful for myself as a director and then to pass them on to my tutors. (My 5 yr old created a lovely landscape of London!)

    I am looking forward to the 6 weeks of artists for the 3rd quarter.

    Thanks again!

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