Cycle 3 Week 2- Liberty Bell (Mirror Image)

My dad is a huge early American history enthusiast, so I am extra excited to study this year’s curriculum.  The next five lessons include symbols and landmarks of the United States, and we’ll start off with the Liberty Bell.  Originally named the State House bell, this iconic piece hung in the Pennsylvania State House, which is now called Independence Hall.  Inscribed on the bell are the words “Proclaim Liberty Throughout All the Land Unto All the Inhabitants thereof.”  Wonderfully, these words are from Leviticus 25:10, and have been a symbolic statement of freedom for our nation throughout our history.

We will be using the Liberty Bell to practice a mirror-image drawing.  Below you will find lesson plans and video tutorials for ages 4-6, 7-9, and 10-11.  These age groupings are general, so please use the lesson best suited for your students._______________________________________________________________



Printouts from lesson plan

Extra print-outs and a marker for tutor demonstrations


Click here for the Cycle 3 Week 2- Liberty Bell Ages 4-6 lesson plan.

Click here for the Cycle 3 Week 2- Liberty Bell Ages 7-9 lesson plan.

Click here for the Cycle 3 Week 2- Liberty Bell Ages 10-11 lesson plan.


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