Cycle 2 Week 2- Geometric Bear

Fine Art for week two is Mirror Images.  The exercises this week are great for training students to pay attention to shapes and angles, while also practicing the skill of manipulating images in their head.  They will need to study the shapes and be able to flip them around in their mind’s eye before they draw them.  This can be tough to do!

As in the last post, this project is tied to the science for the week.  Students will be drawing a picture of a bear.  For the 4th edition guide, this was tied to types of consumers (bears are omnivores, excluding polar bears which are carnivores.  Pandas are technically omnivores, but prefer to eat mostly plants).  Now that we are in the 5th edition, bears can be tied into biomes: from Giant Pandas in the tropical rainforest, Polar Bears in the tundra, and Grizzly Bears in grasslands and forests. (Bringing in a picture book about bears could be fun for younger students.)

Materials needed:


Print-outs of warm-up

Print-outs of bear image

Colored pencils, or markers

Whiteboard or other surface for tutor to draw on

Each lesson contains a warm-up for students, drawing guide for tutors, and lesson plan.  Along with mirror-images, the lesson also focuses on geometric shape.

The geometric bear design is inspired by this greeting card.   It is a good idea to complete your own example beforehand to show your class.  This will give students a concept of the project and an example of strong design.

Image result for geometric bear greeting card

Below you will find lesson plans for each age group.

Ages 4-6

Click for the Geometric Bear Lesson Plan ages 4-6

Ages 7-9

Click for the Geometric Bear Lesson Plan ages 7-9

Ages 10-11

Click for the Geometric Bear Lesson Plan ages 10-11

I hope you and your students enjoy playing around with the shapes and patterns!  Feel free to pin on Pinterest and share with other tutors.  Please do not upload any part of this lesson to other websites.  For more information see the Terms of Use.

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