Mealtime Monet- Shooting Stars in Perspective

(What is this all about?  Check out What is Mealtime Monets?)

I’ve greatly enjoyed learning about astronomy during Cycle 2.  As I say almost every week, I am re-gaining my education by being a part of CC!   As an nod to Cycle 2’s outer space facts (and my six-year-old son’s new-found love of drawing stars) this art project combines celestial bodies with one-point perspective.

Perspective drawing creates depth, as if some things are far away and some are near.  Today’s drawing is of “shooting stars”.  The stars will appear close to us, as if shooting forward from deep in space.


Note:  Connect this art lesson to week 7’s science memory work by writing the name of a different kind of star next to each star drawing.





optional: colored pencils, crayons, or markers

Gather up your materials and watch the video below for step-by-step instructions on one-point perspective!


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