Cycle 2 Week 14- Botanical Drawings

I love this project.  It combines drawing with science and math.  It teaches students to carefully study what they see.  It allows us to emphasize size and proportion in drawing.  Kids will always love to doodle and draw imaginative ideas, and teaching traditional drawing techniques in no way inhibits this.  In fact, teaching realistic drawing will give them the skills to better draw what’s in their head.

This botanical drawing is based off the work of Carl Linnaeus, famous artist, botanist, physician, and zoologist.  He carefully studied plants and recorded his findings through illustrations.  They are beautiful examples of science and art.  



Flowers with stems, no more then 10″ in height (ideally, 1 per student)


drawing paper

colored pencils

whiteboard/dry-erase marker or large paper/marker

optional: magnifying glasses


Click here for the Cycle 2 Week 14-Botanical Drawing lesson plan in PDF format


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