Cycle 2 Week 16- Monet

This week we continue to study Impressionism.  When we think of Impressionism we think of Claude Monet.  And when we think of Claude Monet we think of water lilies, landscapes, and dabbled paint.  This is exactly what we want our students to think of as well.  Hopefully by the time this project is done, they will have a permanent impression of Monet’s work and will be able to recall the imagery and technique of his style.

Not only will they see his style, but they will know what it feels like to paint as he did… with one exception.  Monet usually painted outdoors.  Though the Discovering Great Artists lesson has students painting what they see outside, this is hard to do during winter.  Here it is cold and snowy, with very little color outside.  To compensate for this, my lesson has students experiment by copying parts of Monet’s work, then replicate a painting.



heavyweight paper (with pre-drawn sections.  See video)

tempera paints

paint brushes (small and medium/large)

palettes or paper plates

clean-up: cups, water, paper towels, tablecloths

Images of Monet’s paintings (laminated, if desired)



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  1. Amy Avatar

    Thank you for these videos. I used your drawing tutorials with my Apprentice class with great success. We are starting third quarter tomorrow and I’m excited to have these resources.

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