Cycle 3 Week 13- Grandma Moses

Starting out the “Great Artists” this year we have Grandma Moses. Her work is considered folk art, meaning her art pieces reflect her community, culture, and the everyday things around her. She was not a formally trained artist, and amazingly did not even begin painting until her late seventies. In her paintings we see the quirky nature of her self-taught art: the flattened buildings, the funky use of perspective, and the robustly busy scenes. They are charming and endearing, and your students will love to create their own scene as well.

Though the lesson is primarily about Grandma Moses and folk art, this plan will also focus on learning the terms “foreground”, “middleground”, and “background”. It’s always nice to throw in some extra art terms and use these projects to practice specific techniques.



Drawing paper


Colored pencils and/or markers

Images of Grandma Moses’ work


Though we could use paints to do this project, it is not necessary for our learning target. For the sake of time, go ahead and use materials that are easy to clean up.

Click her for the Cycle 3 Week 13- Grandma Moses lesson plan in PDF form.

Here are the Grandma Moses paintings that I discuss briefly in the video.


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