Cycle 3 Week 16- Norman Rockwell

For me, Norman Rockwell’s illustrations do more than tell a story. They often convey something deep about life and human fragility. Yes, many of his drawings are humorous, but even then they contain so much more. They capture the emotions of the subject, the complexity of a seemingly everyday scene. We connect with the inner thoughts of the people pictured. Norman Rockwell was extremely gifted with understanding and empathizing with people in all stages of life.

The learning targets for this week are (1) defining the word “illustration” and (2) conveying emotion through our work.



Drawing paper. You can also print out a Saturday Evening Post template for the children to illustrate on.


Colored pencils

Examples of Normal Rockwell’s work


It is best for students to come to class already prepared with a story or emotion to illustrate. E-mail parents ahead of time so they can help their students brainstorm and come up with an idea. We want students to come to class with knowing (1) the idea or emotion they want to convey (2) the main character (3) the scene that conveys their idea or emotion.

Things for the kids to think about: Do they want to illustrate something funny? Something sad? Something happy? Something surprising? Think back to an event or scene where you saw this idea or emotion conveyed. Describe it.

Again, here is the link to the Saturday Evening Post template:


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