Cycle 1 Week 1- Egyptian Art

The new Foundations Guide came out this year, but you’ll notice that drawing for weeks 1-6 are the same as in the past. Since Cycle 1 looks at the history of ancient kingdoms, I will be combining the drawing concepts alongside art from ancient civilizations.

Week 1 starts out with the basic elements of drawing using the OiLS concept. We will use Egyptian symbols to practice studying what we see and copying that on our own paper. Remember, these are drawing lessons: the point is to learn to draw well, not necessarily express creativity. Once drawing skills are developed, students can more easily express their own thoughts because they have the skills to do so! It is okay to ask students to slow down, follow directions exactly, and even re-work their drawing to improve it. This will be so effective in the long run, and the students will see that the results are worth it.

Below you will find lesson plans with videos for ages 4-6, 7-9, and 10-11. If you have further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me. Happy drawing!



Colored pencils

Drawing paper

Whiteboard and dry-erase marker

OiLS worksheet, 1 per student (see lesson plan)

Print-out of drawing to copy (see lesson plan)


Each lesson is based off symbols used throughout Egyptian imagery. If you can, bring in a book or image of Egyptian art to give your students an idea of the original style they are copying.

Click here for the Cycle 1 Week 1- Egyptian Art Ages 4-6 lesson plan


Click here for the Cycle 1 Week 1- Egyptian Art Ages 7-9 lesson plan


Click here for the Cycle 1 Week 1- Egyptian Art ages 10-11 lesson plan


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