Cycle 1 Week 2- Greek Vases

The Foundations Guide suggests using Greek vases to practice mirror-image drawing, and whad’ya know!  That works perfectly for Cycle 1 and ancient civilizations.

We know that the Greeks used symmetry in architecture, and we can see this same love of order and balance in their art.  Most of their pottery was symmetrical in shape and was decorated with geometric designs, floral motifs, and scenes from life or mythology.  If possible, bring in several books on Greek art or civilization for students to look through as they complete their drawings.

This lesson focuses on mirror-image drawing using the vase outline, but also incorporates OiLS through adding geometric designs.  Each lesson plan includes a few examples of traditional Greek patterns, but the options are endless!  



Colored pencils (in colors such as brown, tan, red, black, and yellow)


Vase print-outs (1 per student, plus one for the tutor)

Print-out of Greek patterns

Books or images of Greek art/vases


Click here for the Cycle 1 Week 2- Greek Vases Ages 4-6 lesson plan

If you have left-handed students and would like them to have a reflected image of the vase, you can find that here GreekVaseAge4-6LeftHand


Click here for the Cycle 1 Week 2- Greek Vases Ages 7-9 lesson plan

The reflected version of the vase for lefties: GreekVase7-9LeftHand


Click here for the Cycle 1 Week 2- Greek Vases Ages 10-11 lesson plan

For your lefty students, here are the vases reflected: GreekVaseAge10-11LeftHand


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