Cycle 1 Week 15- Angelico

Fra Angelico is well-known for his altarpieces and frescoes, his most notable being The Annunciation painted in the Convent of San Marco in Florence, Italy.  He painted several paintings on this same theme throughout his life, but this is by far his most well-known work.  To help students get a firm grasp on his subject matter, we will be replicating another of his images of the Annunciation, but one that is much simpler.  The Annunciatory Angel  also depicts Gabriel announcing to Mary that she will be the mother of the Christ and shows the golden halo typical of the time.


Cardstock with printed images of the Annunciatory Angel (see PDF below)

Gold scrapbooking paper, cut using the halo template



Paper plates

Paper towels





Here is the Cycle 1 Week 15- Angelico lesson plan and the Annunciatory Angel and Halos print-outs.


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