Cycle 2 Week 17- Morisot & Impasto

This project is about creating texture through paint.  The Impressionists used a technique called “impasto”, using thick paint on the canvas in such a way that the texture was very apparent and purposeful.  

When I first did this lesson several years ago, I followed the lesson idea from the book Discovering Great Artists closely.  You can still find that video in this post, but I’ve also included a new video that suggests a different method.  I find using this new lesson (using just joint compound to thicken paint) better teaches the Impressionist’s technique and is a more realistic experience for students to discover Morisot’s style.

Below you will find lesson plans as well as downloadable line drawings of some of her paintings.  The students will use the textured paint to fill in these images.  Because the paint is so thick, it is best to do this project in the beginning of the day so it has lots of time to dry.



Tempera paint


Joint Compound

Paper plates


Disposable cups

Heavyweight drawing paper or cardstock (and print images on them)

Clean-up: cups, water, paper towels, tablecloths

Video for new lesson plan
Video for old lesson plan






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