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  • Cycle 1 Week 2- Greek Vases

    Cycle 1 Week 2- Greek Vases

    The Foundations Guide suggests using Greek vases to practice mirror-image drawing, and whad’ya know!  That works perfectly for Cycle 1 and ancient civilizations. We know that the Greeks used symmetry in architecture, and we can see this same love of order and balance in their art.  Most of their pottery was symmetrical in shape and…

  • Cycle 1 Week 1- Egyptian Art

    Cycle 1 Week 1- Egyptian Art

    The new Foundations Guide came out this year, but you’ll notice that drawing for weeks 1-6 are the same as in the past. Since Cycle 1 looks at the history of ancient kingdoms, I will be combining the drawing concepts alongside art from ancient civilizations. Week 1 starts out with the basic elements of drawing…