Cycle 2 Week 5- Cities in Perspective

Cityscapes are a wonderful way to use perspective drawing techniques.  Luckily, the geography for this week is European Cities, a perfect jumping off point for drawing buildings in perspective.

The drawings this week are inspired by vintage travel posters.  They always have a dynamic sense of depth due to…. you guessed it, perspective!  These are the posters that inspired this week’s projects.

travel posters

Perspective can be a challenge.  Students have to use rulers, line up points, and do all sorts of stuff that is hard for them.  Just remember, it is not about what the final drawing looks like.  It is about students learning the ideas.  Even if it doesn’t look great, they are practicing challenging subject matter and gaining understanding.  That’s the important stuff!

Below you’ll find lesson plans for ages 4-6, 7-9, and 10-11.


8.5 x 11 paper



colored pencils

As you teach the lesson, you can have students create a travel poster with the name of the European city written at the top, or let them decide to do that or not.  Students can add boats, people, or whatever they come up with.

Ages 4-6 

Click for the lesson plan and drawing guide for London Ages 4-6


Ages 7-9

Click for the lesson plan and drawing guide for Paris Ages 7-9

Ages 10-11

Click for the lesson plan and drawing guide for Rome Ages 10-11


Bye, ciao, and au revoir!


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  1. Amanda Avatar

    Thank you so much this is beautiful! I’m going to use it for my cc class. Keep posting! You have great ideas and I love the visual tutorials!

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